Host a Foster Ware Party in your community!


Each and every day, we are asked how one could become a foster parent to one of the many children currently within the child welfare system. We are always happy to help those compassionate individuals through the process of becoming a foster parent, but it makes us wonder — how many people in NYC are curious about the process, but do not know who to ask?

That is why we are encouraging our friends and supporters to host a foster ware party!

A foster ware party is an event when supporters open their homes for a night of education on how to become a foster parent. EGSCF staff will be able to assist in logistics, and will also provide snacks, refreshments and games for your guests. A foster ware party would make a great addition to your book clubs, knitting circles, community meetings and other group related events!

Are you interested in hosting your own party? Be sure to reach out to one of our recruiting staff members, whose contact information can be found below!

Jennifer Hayes: 212-602-5865 OR [email protected]

Know someone who is interested in hosting? Be sure to share our downloadable flyer!